About Don

Former Austin Council member, community leader, and taxpayer advocate Don Zimmerman has earned a solid reputation as “the Taxpayer’s Voice of Reason” across the Central Texas region and beyond.

Don was the first elected Council member from northwest Austin in District 6, following the roaring success of the 10-1 plan which created elected geographic districts for the city. His time on the Council was described by local media as “anything but boring” (translation: he gets things done) and his accomplishments transformative (see infographic below). He established the city’s first constituent field office and pioneered video Council citizen testimony. Prior to that, he was the elected President of the Canyon Creek Municipal Utility District, where he not only successfully advocated for efficient spending but stopped an entire tax from being levied.

He’s no newcomer when it comes to fighting for our public schools. He successfully stood up to a radical, age-inappropriate sex education curriculum in the Austin ISD and the Round Rock ISD. He has spent long nights appearing before school boards exposing the lawlessness of the public school bureaucracy, including violations of campaign finance rules during bond elections. Zimmerman has worked with a coalition of organizations bringing to light the illegal actions of Round Rock ISD Superintendent.

Zimmerman, a native son of San Antonio and a descendant of early Texas settlers, works as a high-tech systems engineer. He holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M. He resides with his wife, Jennifer, and their young son, Chase, in West Austin, where he has lived for over two decades.

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