The Round Rock ISD is falling behind. From decreasing enrollment to lowered expectations for students, parents and taxpayers are rising up like never before to take back their schools from a board and superintendent more concerned with infighting and radical social experiments. Don Zimmerman is ready to take his experience from the Council chamber to the Board of Trustees to set RRISD's priorities straight again. He's the experienced leader and the proven fighter we need for challenging times such as these.


  • Meet Don Zimmerman

    Meet Don Zimmerman

    A well-known former Austin Council member, community leader, and taxpayer advocate took to the airwaves on Flag Day (June 14, 2022) to announce his return to the ballot.

    His newest endeavor: Return Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees to the basics of K-12 education!

    Don Zimmerman — the first elected Council member from northwest Austin, former elected President of the Canyon Creek utility district, and and a 22-year resident of Round Rock ISD — announced he has filed paperwork, throwing his hat in the ring as a defender of truth, integrity, and competence on the embattled board.

    Zimmerman is no stranger to fighting for public schools. He successfully stood up to a radical, age-inappropriate LGBT sex education curriculum at the Austin ISD. He has spent long nights appearing before school boards exposing the lawlessness of the public school bureaucracy, including violations of campaign finance rules during bond elections. Most recently Zimmerman has worked with a coalition of organizations bringing to light the illegal actions of Round Rock ISD Superintendent Hafedh Azaiez and the “Bad Faith Four” (used to be five — one down) trustees.

    “Voters are the last line of defense to deliver captive young students from politically correct indoctrination and to save our property from being taxed away,” Zimmerman said. “Leftist teachers’ unions and unelected bureaucrats have been radicalizing our public schools and bullying parents for many decades — but fortunately parents and taxpayers are standing up in ways never seen before. I now look forward to leading this fight from the trenches as one of the candidates to return control of the Round Rock ISD to the people of the district and away from special interests.”

    Zimmerman will be an advocate for transparency and accountability on the board — starting with the Superintendent who still has not been cleared of credible physical assault allegations by a mistress he allegedly impregnated. Zimmerman will work to empower classroom teachers to teach to state curriculum standards. Zimmerman will place a new emphasis on analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to improving test scores and keeping American graduates competitive in the global marketplace. 

    Zimmerman will stand firmly against:

    • Outrageous so-called “transgender student support”, as in permission for boys to use girls showers and locker rooms

    • Indoctrination into Critical Race Theory and other wrongheaded ideas which attempt to supplant the truth of America’s founding principles

    • Exposing elementary students to pornographic and age-inappropriate reading materials 

    • Unlawful arrests and jailing of parents peacefully attending board meetings

    • Politically charged inquisitions and censures of competent fellow board members, including Dr. Mary Bone and Capt. Danielle Weston

    • Record property tax increases during a period of enrollment decline (down 5,000 students)

    “I’m committed to ending the politically correct nonsense we’ve seen coming from the Round Rock ISD board,” Zimmerman said. “It’s long-past time to take playing politics off the school board agenda and to return math, phonics, comprehensive reading, and analytical thinking skills to our kids’ classrooms — all while reducing the tax levy for over-burdened RRISD taxpayers.”

    Zimmerman, a native of San Antonio, works as a high-tech systems engineer. He holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M. He resides with his wife, Jennifer, and their son, Chase, in West Austin. 

    Don Zimmerman has built a solid reputation as “the Taxpayer’s Voice of Reason” and is now bringing his wealth of experience to the Round Rock ISD to put the focus back on the basics of education schoolchildren and bring representation back to parents and taxpayers. Follow the action at Facebook.com/ZimmermanForRRISD.

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